Lucie Deschâtelets

 Massothérapeute  Kinésithérapeute 



Swedish Massage 

It's an approach that integrates
massage and mobilization. The muscle
are then worked in depth, after the therapist performs some mobilizations, wich will
aim to increased flexibility and range
of motion, reduce tensions and pains.
help those who suffer from one or
more of the following problems:
- joint pain
- sciatica
- back pain
- headaches, migraine
- neck pain, torticollis 
- sprains
- Tendonitis - Bursitis - epicondylitis

The Swedish massage is recognized to
be one of the best relaxation massage. Combining firmness and softness it's
make directly on the skin with massage oil.
It undoes physical tensions,
reinforce muscle tone, promotes blood
and lymphatic circulation.

Here are some benefits:
- reduces stress
- Strengthens the immune system
- encourages sleep
- increases concentration
- calms and relaxes hyperactive children
- helps people suffering from fibromyalgia,
  or multiple sclerosis

Hot Stone Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

Thanks to the heat of the stones, the muscles relax in depth, restores the body
to full potential energy. It's dissolves tension, is an excellent detoxifying, it participate
actively in the evacuation of stress and
intensifies relaxation.

Aimed at people suffering:
- Depression
- Fibromyalgia
- Arthritis - osteoarthritis
- standing or sitting

This is a gentle massage which decongest and stimulates the entire lymphatic system.
It has a direct action on the immune system.

 It is indicated for these problems:
- oedema
- water retention
- heavy leg 
- intervenes on the cellulite
- recommended for fibromyalgia
Neuro-Stimulant Massage

 It is a massage very slow and soft,
 which affect the nervous system.

- eldest
- diabetics
- sedentary or inactive people
- neurological diseases

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