Lucie Deschâtelets

 Massothérapeute  Kinésithérapeute 

I am a member of l'association

professionnelle des massothérapeutes 

spécialisés du Québec
Take care of
your body

and it will 
take care of you!

                           Hello! i am Lucie Deschâtelets

Masso-Kinetherapist graduated I gained my experience in a personnel progress.

Well before my training, I have spent several years experimenting with different technique of massage, reflexology and other alternative medicine, to relieve my husband suffering from fibromyalgia.

Following my training at the Academy of Scientific Massage, I continued my journey at the Finlandais Spa, they qualify me to have magic thumbs. There I was lucky enough and had the opportunity to treat many people, even public personalities as well as top athletes. I also work as a massage therapist for the Quebec games in 2009.

Today, professional warned, I invite you to contact me if you suffrer from chronic pain, sports injury or you just want to enjoy the benefits of a good therapeutic massage.


Vous pouvez me joindre tous les jours de 9 hre à 21 hre
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer! Lucie